About Nicki

Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Technology: Photography attained in South Africa, Nicki is a commercially trained Professional Photographer with practical experience in the news media, advertising, marketing, education and wedding photography industries.

She has undertaken numerous and varied assignments on behalf of clients ranging from large corporate concerns to smaller business enterprises, universities, schools, charitable organizations and private individuals. Much of her freelance work to date has involved portraiture, coverage of events/ functions and product photography and centred upon fulfilling her client's Advertising, PR and/ or Marketing objectives.

As a wedding photographer, she has captured the special day of over 400 couples. Always mindful of the intricacies involved, she's frequently complimented on her unobtrusiveness and calming demeanour while working during these often stressful and uniquely challenging occasions.

Her love of photography and enthusiasm for digital media & web design prompted her to create this website.